Test for dust on your blasted surface

Dust. It's naturally accumulating and can affect the life of your coating

Inspection of surfaces and cavities should be undertaken before proceeding with painting.

How can you remove the dust?

The best cleaning method is to blow down the blasted surface with compressed air. You can do this by turning off the abrasive and use the blast nozzle or hose to blow away the dust.

You can also use a small vacuum wand to perform a fine clean prior to painting.

Test for dust

It is important to test for dust in multiple areas. This can be achieved by completing the pressure sensitive tape method using a dust tape test kit.

This method involves applying a piece of tape to an area of the blasted surface to attain a sample. The sample is used to assess the quantity of dust on the tape by visually comparing the tape to the reference guide included the test kit.

The dust test is simple and easy to complete.

Dust retention on a substrate is the leading factor in coating failure and dramatically reduces the adhesive strength of the subsequent coating.

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