What’s the downside of compressor maintenance?




We’ve noticed recently on visiting customers jobsites, that after a compressor service representative has come through the plant, the pressure is often wound back to 90-95 psi. This is the optimal pressure for jackhammers and lots of standard air powered equipment.

A compressor service rep's role is to minimise leaks, and to optimize your compressor for saving energy.

What commonly happens is they turn the pressure down on the compressor, so any leaks are minmized leaving just enough pressure to cover your normal operations.

Unfortunately, compressor service technicians don’t often understand the needs of abrasive blasting.

When abrasive blasting, the benchmark pressure is 100 psi at the nozzle and when they try to save you $500 a month in energy savings by turning your compressor down, they are actually costing you in productivity.

What we need for abrasive blasting is the opposite. We want you to crank your compressor up to 130-140 psi and fix the leaks in your system, so you have 120 psi at the blast nozzle.

On a safety note: You will need to ensure that you don’t set your compressor above the pressure rating of the blast equipment, but most blast equipment is rated for 150 psi.

If you crank your pressure and pay the extra $500 in energy costs, you will get up to $10,000 more profit from your abrasive blasting, because of the increased productivity and the higher pressure.

We hope this helps you when you have your next operational health check from the air compressor company, get them to crank up the pressure.

Additionally, if you are on a job site and you're renting a compressor, you often find that it is set at about 90-95 psi. What you want to do is get in there and find that pressure setting… its often a screw or set screw that needs cranked in to turn up the compressor; so… crank it up.

Compressors are designed to run hard, and we need them to do just that when we are doing abrasive blasting, this will optimize your productivity, pressure, and profits.

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Crank up your pressure!

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