The #1 reason your blast hose is wearing out


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Do you find that your blast hose wears out faster than you anticipated?

The wear of a blast hose can be caused by a number of reasons. Let's look the #1 reason blast hoses wear out - and how you can ensure longevity of your blast hose.


The DIN Rating

The typical measurement for rubber is a DIN rating. The test is performed by a machine that uses a wheel to run over the rubber and measures the weight of how much rubber comes off during the specified period of time.

The DIN rating represents the quality of a blast hose. The higher the quality, the longer the hose will last.

A blast hose has two standards:
DIN rating < 50
DIN rating < 70

You want to be using a blast hose with a DIN rating of < 50. A hose of this quality means that less rubber wears off during use.


Other reasons for excessive blast hose wear

Excessive bends - Check to see if your hose has any tight bends or curls along your blast set up

Blasting with fine particles - Finer particles or a more aggressive abrasive will abrade the blast hose faster.

Air leaks - Check for any air leaks around your nozzle or couplings. Typically a blast hose can wear out the most around joints.


Cheaper blast hoses don't always save you money!

Using a high quality blast hose will ensure a long life span, and reduce how often it will require replacing.

Looking for a reliable high quality blast hose?

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