4 tips for extending blast hose life




Very few industries have equipment wear rates like the abrasive blasting industry. Items like Blast Hoses can be wear out in minutes if smart work practices aren't used.

TIP #1

Make sure your hose runs as straight as possible. Never use your hose coiled up on the ground. Always run the hose out to its full length and arc any curves in as large a radius as possible. The tighter the curves or the bends in the hose, the more wear intensifies on that bend or curve.

TIP #2

Make sure your couplings and nozzle holders are fitted correctly. There are three key components to this: cut hose ends squarely before installing fittings, run sealant around the inside of the coupling before fitting it to the hose, and use undercut screws to fix fittings to blast hose ends.

Check out our hose couplings installation guide for more information.

TIP #3

For hose used in blast rooms, you'll need to plan on regularly removing the hose and rotating it 180 degrees to extend life. The section of the hose that feeds through the blast room walls are always the quickest to wear out. This is due to how that part of the hose remains fixed in the same position all the time. Like a stream or river, blast hoses erode (wear) on the outside of a bend. Periodically rotating a hose will reduce the amount of wear in these "hot spots".

TIP #4

Always use nozzle washers and coupling gaskets in your blast hose fittings. This will extend the life of both the fittings and the hose itself.

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