Increase your speed with a tornado blaster


If your coating removal is slow on a particular project, it could be due to a number of factors, such as the coating is thick, the coating is well adhered, or the blast pressure is too low. The pressure can be increased with your compressor.

The Tornado Blaster can take you from achieving 55-65 sqft/hr to achieving up to 320 sqft/hr!


The Tornado Blaster can significantly boost productivity. This is because the Tornado Blaster features two rotating nozzles which rotate at up to 400rpm! The Tornado’s blast width reaches up to 10” (250 mm), 3-5 times wider than the normal blast pattern of 2”-3” (50-900mm). The large blast pattern allows the operator to blast more quickly and evenly, while reducing the need for overlapping the runs.

The Tornado uses the same size compressor that is used for a no. 8 nozzle, but it blasts with two nozzles at the same time.


Since the majority of blasters have habitualized the scribble technique and continue with this method, they often fatigue sooner by having to perpetuate the circular motion for hours each day. With the Tornado, this motion is eliminated, and the blaster only needs to guide the blast head over the surface.


Garnet use is not much more than what a single nozzle would use. The Tornado Blaster only uses 1.5 x the amount of abrasive. This means the Tornado saves you big money on abrasive costs!

The Tornado Blaster is available for rent.

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