Triclover couplings makes metering valve removal easy!


Do you experience hassles and wasted time when unscrewing the metering valve from the blast pot?

Getting down under your blast machine to disconnect the hose and unscrew the metering valve is so back breaking and time consuming. But it doesn't have to be!

A pot mounted Triclover coupling can eliminate these hassles and get your job back in action faster. It replaces the fitting between the blast machine and the metering valve, and the metering valve and the pusher line.

The Triclover coupling quickly and easily opens and separates, allowing you to clear an obstruction, service the metering valve, or simply empty the pot of media.

The advantages of installing a Triclover coupling

  • No more removing of hose clamps and rotating the valve to unscrew it from the pot.
  • Easier access to clear obstructions from the pot.
  • Allows you to service the metering valve quickly to reduce down time.
  • Speeds up the process of emptying the blast machine when changing abrasives.


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