Remove thick coatings with Ultra High Pressure Water Jetting


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What are the benefits of using Ultra High Pressure Water Jetting (UHP) vs. Abrasive Blasting?

Ultra High Pressure (UHP) water is water that is 29,000 psi (2,000 bar)and above. Typically, the thicker the coating the more beneficial it is to use UHP water for removal of the coating.

For coatings of 40 mils (1,000 microns), this is a fantastic scenario for using Ultra High Pressure Water to strip the coating. This is because the water cuts straight through the coating and hydraulically shears the coating from the substrate, compared to abrasive blasting which has to wear the coating down from the surface.

When stripping abrasion resistant or pliable coatings such as Chlorinated Rubber, Glass-Flake Epoxy, and Coal-Tar Epoxy, the viability of using UHP water becomes even more pronounced!

Not only will you get the job done a lot faster, but you will also save tons of abrasive and the associated clean-up time!

Once the bulk of the coating or rust is removed with UHP water, a quick whip blast is often all that is needed to prep up the profile.

Contrary to what some people think, UHP water will not destroy or round off any existing profile on the underlying substrate. But it will thoroughly clean out any contamination – both visible and invisible from the profile – producing the highest standards of cleanliness.


Best applications for using UHP

Other applications for UHP water include scarification of concrete to enhance the bond of overlays and coatings applied.

It is also ideal for stripping of rubber and other wear resistant linings from the interior of pipes and spools in the mining industry.


40,000 psi UHP water jet units are available for purchase and rent from BlastOne.

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