Understanding and negotiating NACE SA 3 / SSPC SP-5


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What's difference between NACE SA 2.5 / SSPC SP-10 and NACE SA 3 / SSPC SP-5?

BlastOne has a very detailed video which explores the four classes of blast as they appear on the four levels of rust. I highly recommend this video if you have any doubts about the differences between Brush off, Commercial, Near-white and White Metal. This video, both explains and shows everything needed to make the distinctions clear.

Link To Video: How to achieve SSPC Grades of Blast

How do you resolve a disagreement between contractor and inspector about surface cleanliness?

When the contractor and inspector disagree, the inspector, hired for quality assurance, has the final say. So, here’s their best advice with regard to avoiding or negotiating a disagreement with an inspector.

1. It’s always better to find out up front what the expectations of the inspector are. If the contract mandates a white metal class of blast, SA3/SSPC 5, it would be advisable for you to mark out a 3 by 3 section of the project, blast it and then get consensus with the inspector. Does your information of SA3/SSPC 5 match with theirs? If not, it’s best to find out why. Consensus before you blast will serve you better than after your team has blasted a full day, only to have it rejected.

Consensus before you blast can effectively eliminate any future disagreements with an inspector, who has final say over your productivity.

2. If a legitimate disagreement does happen, after the fact both parties should always argue from their agreed upon definition: removal of all visible rust, mill scale, paint and contaminants, leaving the metal uniformly white or grey in appearance. If in disagreement, the blaster and inspector most likely find themselves disagreeing on the uniformity of the substrates appearance. If it appears uniform to you, ask the inspector to show exactly where the inconsistency is and if that’s the only region they have an issue with.

Visual uniformity can be a subjective matter so always deescalate tension as not to provoke an ego battle. You may have to brush off some areas to satisfy the inspector's sense of uniformity but you will now know what is expected and you will be able to adjust accordingly for the days to come.


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