Use genuine inner lenses in your blast helmet

Protect your workers by giving them the correct safety lenses

An operator who failed to use the correct equipment was sued for negligence for not using the correct equipment to protect his workers. This could have been avoided by supplying his workers with quality, genuine inner lenses for their blast helmets.

When blasting, high velocity ricochet rust chips can be flicked up by the compressed air and hit the blast helmet. The purpose of the outer lenses is to protect the inner lens. This means it's vital to have the highest quality inner lenses in your blast helmet for ultimate protection.

Genuine lenses have been laboratory tested to resist harsh conditions

The correct lenses feature a stamp in the corner, so you can identify their quality. These genuine lenses have been tested by being heated, cooled and had a 200 mph ball bearing fired at them and they cannot shatter. These are the lenses you need to wear everyday when blasting.

Insist on wearing genuine inner lenses

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