#1 Mistake when landing big jobs which require multiple blasters


How Small Companies Lose 25% Productivity Without Realizing It

Landing a big contract is the goal of most small companies. Big jobs provide the experience and opportunity to grow as a company, make more profit, and start competing for even larger contracts. Unfortunately, most small companies make the mistake of using the same equipment they use on small jobs and then simply increase the number of blasters – believing this is how to scale up. It’s a costly mistake that can extend a 3 week job into one that lasts 4 weeks; significantly reducing their profits.

For jobs that require multiple blasters to work at the same time, it is critical you use a large blast pot – often referred to as bulk blasters or MegaBlasters. Using small pots means you have the problem of constantly refilling the pot with new abrasive every 30-45 minutes…. and while that is happening the blasters stop, remove their helmets, and commonly enjoy a smoke break or chat time. Our experience indicates this down-time typically reduces the company’s potential productivity by about 25%. That’s a huge profit loss for simply using the wrong size pot!

On certain jobs, like blasting tank interiors, if a company rented an 8-Ton MegaBlaster with garnet, four men would have the capability to blast all day for eight hours straight without having to refill the pot. Offering blasters no breaks is impractical – but the point is, controlling breaks and down-time keeps a company from bleeding productivity and profits.

MegaBlasters also reduce moisture issues (which affects pressure and productivity) because they are not constantly being refilled with moisture-laden air every 30-45 minutes. Additionally, some MegaBlasters also come equipped with a built-in Air Dryer which removes all moisture from the air and increases productivity an additional 10-15%.

Therefore, the take-away from this week’s insight is: when your project requires multiple operators or involves blasting a large surface area, use a MegaBlaster to increase your productivity and keep your profits as high as possible.

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