Weapons of Mass DUSTruction




A few weeks ago, we discussed several of the problems dust creates on a jobsite, creating a dangerous and unhealthy environment for the workers, who must suffer and endure it. We offered our opinion of the 4 Simplest Methods to Reduce or Eliminate Blasting Dust.

As we marshal our resources in our continued War on Dust, we’re going to spotlight 4 Advanced Weapons to get the worker out of the dust.

These are some of the big guns, well worth their investment, as they are highly productive, and pay for themselves in short period of time.

Advanced Weapon #1: The BULK AMPHIBLAST

Think of this as a Tank in your arsenal

The Schmidt Bulk Amphiblast is the latest and greatest in technology and efficiency. This has a capacity to hold 8 ton of garnet and allows 4 operators to dry blast, wet blast, wash down, or blow off simultaneously. That’s right, 4 separate processes that can be employed simultaneously and independently of one another. For more information on this beast see the description below.

Advanced Weapon #2: The RIPT

That stands for Robotic Internal Pipe Tool this is like your submarine.

The RIPT boldly goes where no man WANTS to go – into confined tunnels and penstocks. Optionally equipped with an onboard video camera, the robot can be operated outside the tunnel at a safe distance – away from the dust and darkness. This particular robot is built for pipe diameters as small as 2ft and as large as 32 ft. more Information is in the description below.

Advanced Weapon #3: VERTIDRIVE

This is your predator drone

Remotely controlled by an on-ground operator, the VertiDrive is a magnetic robot, perfect for scaling and blasting tanks, ship hulls, or other surfaces difficult to reach without scaffolding. With a 5-6 foot blasting span, and the capacity for 3 working nozzles – the VertiDrive can blast up to 1500 sqft hour (150 m2). Putting workers at heights, in low visibility dust is a dangerous situation. The vertidrive allows the blaster to be away from the dust using the remote control like a video game!

Advanced Weapon #4: A BLASTMAN ROBOT

This is your Gunner Ship

Obviously, this Blastman Robot weapon is only practical in a blast booth situation – but having the ability to be programmed for repetitive blasting of standard objects – such as rail cars – makes this the ideal strategy for high production efficiency. And should your materials not be standardized, where automatic programming can be used – the enclosed cab will allow your blaster to blast with two #12 nozzles in safety and distance from the unhealthy dust circulating about the booth.

Need to reduce dust on your job site?

If you need to reduce dust on your blasting job BlastOne can assist with selecting the correct equipment and process for your project.