How to choose the right size dust collector for your job

It's important to know the ventilation requirements of your work site


A Dust Collector helps protect workers from dust inhalation whilst complying with work site codes and regulations.

Protect your operators

The dust loading in a blast environment can get very high and a blast helmet can only provide a certain level of protection. Additional air flow movement is required to keep operators safe.

Recommended ventilation

For horizontal air movement, where there is non-hazardous dust, the requirement is 80 ft/minute.
For horizontal air movement, where there is hazardous dust (e.g lead removal removal project), the requirement is 100 ft/minute.

Here is an example:

If a containment size is 10ft x 10ft then to work out the Dust Collector size needed for the job you take the cross-section area and  multiply by required air speed.

Non-hazardous dust: 10 ft x 10 ft x 80 ft = 8000cfm Dust Collector
Hazardous dust: 10 ft x 10 ft x 100 ft = 10,000cfm Dust Collector

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