Five Key Metrics Every Blaster Should Report Every Day

Metrics to Maintain Job Production and Job Profitability


BlastOne Blaster CharterEvery blast crew is accountable to someone, either an owner operator running his own site and is accountable to himself, or he might be accountable to his wife, or accountable to the bank to make money. They should also report daily metrics using the BlastOne Blaster Charter to ensure that they are maintaining job production and ultimately job profitability.

Every site superintendent is accountable to his project manager or to his boss for the site production. We all know that when something starts to go wrong on an onsite project it can lead to rapidly escalating costs and even worse, if the project goes over schedule many projects have liquidated damages resulting in huge project losses.

The 5 key metrics that every blast crew should report every day are:

  1. How many blasters were blasting today?
  2. How many square feet (to the closest 10 sq ft) were blasted today?
    This is simple to do, just use a tape measure and you can be pretty accurate.
  3. How much abrasive did we use today?
  4. What was the nozzle pressure at each nozzle today?
  5. How many hours were blasted today?
    Get these hours from a time clock on the blast pot, don’t use rough blasting hours because many times we find that we say we blasted for 8 hours when in fact we've only blasted for 4½ actual nozzle-on time.


How does recording these metrics make a difference?

  • With real time data, you can make real time decisions.
    Too many times we hope for the best and end up doing an autopsy (if we look at it at all…) on the project, when it’s far too late to make some money.
  • If you don’t measure it, you can’t improve it.
    Not recording statistics is the same as playing a game of football without keeping score. You know how much time you have left and how many points you think you need, but you don’t know how many points you had until the clock ran out - madness! No one would ever do it… or would they?
  • Estimating tolerances improve drastically.
    By recording your jobsite data it can help when comparing jobs and measuring your blast performance over a period of time. After just a few months of taking these metrics, you can start tightening up the numbers nicely.

The list goes on…

A tool to help you and your contractors record daily metrics on-site. This interactive PDF can be downloaded and filled out on screen or printed and completed by hand at the end of each day. This means all your data is recorded and kept in one place for later analysis.

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