Avoid Salt Contamination from Abrasives

Salt in your abrasive can contaminate your blasted surface and cause coating failure.

T017_Salt-Damage.jpg Salt damaged surface

Abrasives can be tested for Chloride Ions (salt) to ensure your abrasive is not causing any potential problems.

Many coatings have failed because of chlorides deposited on a surface by contaminated abrasive. There is a test that can be easily conducted in the field in just a few minutes.

No sending samples to a laboratory - no waiting days for results - no high cost!

salt contamination test kitA Chlor*Test Abrasive Chloride Test Kit is the answer.

  • A compact portable field test
  • Simple to use
  • Fast and accurate results - two minute test
  • Safe handling - no needles or syringes
  • Measurement range: 1 ppm to 50 ppm
  • Supplied in a pack of 4 test kits.

Salt content is measured in parts per million, so that even a 'high' salt content of 30 ppm will not be visible as salt grains in the abrasive.

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