Benefits of a Brightly Lit Blasting Site

Get some light on your tank blasting site and make it profitable

Blasting in a tank or an unlit structure can be not only difficult and time-consuming, but it can not only be dangerous with many hazards to cause harm and injury on a blasting site. There are many reasons why a dark blasting and painting site puts you at a disadvantage and we all know that the answer to these problems is to have a well-lit area.

blasting in low light
Blasting in Low Light
blasting in good light
Blasting in Good Light

Let’s go over some of the advantages of having a blasting and painting site well lit.

  1. A major advantage of lighting up your site is the safety one. Reducing expensive claims and staff “lost-time incidents” by ensuring that the many hazards are visible to the blasters. This means injuries and down time is minimized. On tank jobs where multiple blasters and painters are working close together it is important that they can see well to avoid each other’s space.

  2. Having the correct lighting you get a cleaner surface the first time around. This means that you get less re-work and it reduces the need to go back and clean up patches that were not cleaned to the correct specification due to poor visibility. This is a saving of time and money.

  3. tank blasting lightingWhen a site is well lit you can reduce the amount of time the whole tank takes to blast and paint. It actually takes less time because the blasters and painters have a clear view of what they are doing. One customer said that he saved 11% of the blasting time just by having good lighting and visibility inside his tank.

  4. Good visibility means a much higher quality job and therefore no repainting because of coating failure. When the inspector or the customer checks the job for coating adhesion, any areas of poor blasting or painting holidays can get very expensive. Stay bright and keep the inspector (and your customers) much, much happier.

The good news is that dim lighting does not have to hinder or slow your progress anymore. There is a wide range of lights available for all types of blasting environments. It is critical to have the correct lighting for your particular job. Options that need to be considered will, no doubt, include intrinsically safe lighting or dust-proof lighting.