Blast Faster with a Tornado Blast Nozzle

Blast at more than twice the speed at up to half the hourly cost!

Note: This tool is currently in redevelopment. Contact us to learn more about other potential tools which could help with your productivity goals.

Featuring twin blasting nozzles rotating at up to 150 rpm, the hand-held Tornado™ can more than double your blasting speed to deliver up to 1200 square feet (110 sq. metres) per hour (depending on site complexities). This can reduce your hourly costs by as much as 50%! The Tornado™ Spin Blaster is a revolutionary new blasting concept designed to save you time and money and bring better results.

tornado nozzle vs three conventional nozzles

The Tornado™ is a lightweight unit weighing in at 5.3 kg (11.5 lbs). The specially designed dual hand grips allow the Tornado™ to be held more easily and provide greater control. An even greater level of comfort and control can be achieved with the ergonomically designed harness which further steadies the unit whilst distributing the weight more evenly.

Cut Your Abrasive Consumption Cost

With up to 50% less abrasive used, the Tornado™ not only saves you big money on abrasive costs but also on the clean up and disposal cost. The reduced quantities of abrasive used are, of course, quicker and less costly to clean up and dispose of. To improve the blasting speed on any project there is a need to use equipment to produce as large a blast pattern as possible. The blast width of a Tornado is up to 10” (250 mm). By using a larger blast pattern, you have less requirements to overlap the runs which means you clean the surface faster and more evenly. With a small blast pattern, which can be just 2”-3” in diameter from a single nozzle, the blaster has to keep going over the surface several times and redo any areas that may have missed. This is time consuming and may result in coating failure if defects are not picked up before the coating is applied

tornado blast nozzleIt has been proved that the blasters have less fatigue and fewer back issues when the Tornado is being utilized, as the unit produces the rotating action of the nozzle whilst cleaning the surface. The blaster does not have to keep up the circular motion like a standard nozzle; all he has to do is guide the blast head over the surface. Doing this will increase productivity and you actually get more production out of fewer men. Some say a Tornado™ will do more work than two men combined.

The Tornado™ uses custom nozzle sizes which are readily available. The Tornado is a truly amazing tool to increase your performance in a tank - new technology keeping the blasting industry up to date for now and the future.