Why Blast with High Efficiency Abrasive?

The Many Benefits to Using a High Efficiency Abrasive

High-efficiency abrasive produces less dust, which increases your visibility and is better for your health and the environment while also keeping your neighbors happy.

There are more reasons to use the correct abrasive:

  • Lower dust levels
  • Less waste and cleanup
  • Reuse the abrasive to lower cost
conventional abrasive vs garnet

Why the Correct Grade and Type of Abrasive Will Work Harder for You

Using a high efficiency product means you use less abrasive. Low consumption of abrasive in turn means you buy less, then you load less, you vacuum up less and consequently you dispose of less. All very relevant and significant cost saving benefits. A less efficient coarser abrasive requires you to open the valves up more to get the abrasive to flow through and this causes you to use more abrasive each hour.

Abrasive consumption will vary with each job depending on the structure and condition of the substrate. You should however, always ask yourself:

  • How much abrasive should I be using each hour?
  • How can I save?

Although the superior abrasives like GMA garnet may cost more per metric ton, it normally costs a lot less per square meter to blast. Another great advantage that a superior abrasive gives you is a faster blast. Each grain carries a given amount of energy. With an efficient abrasive like Garnet the blast stream can carry four times the quantity of abrasive grains, each carrying their tremendous kinetic cleaning power. With more hits to the surface on any given area it means you move the nozzle faster and on many projects finish the job much sooner.

course garnet
Course Garnet

premium garnet
Premium Garnet

The increase in the quality of the blast on the substrate also results in a better blast finish and ensure that the overall surface is freer of paint and rust. That's because the abrasive is finer it can penetrate easily into any small crevices, cracks and undulations.

The smaller grains scour out deep into the pits and leave a cleaner surface, faster. With an imported coarser abrasive it is very hard to clean out the pits without using a lot more abrasive. Blast-One Garnet is proven world-wide to be just the right size mix to clean off the heavy rust and to also clean out the deepest pits.

The superior garnet abrasive leaves no particles embedded into the surface allowing for maximum adhesion strength and a longer lasting coating.

imported grade abrasive
Conventional Garnet

premium garnet
Premium Garnet (4 times as many impacts per second)

Which Type of Garnet Recycles Best?

Laboratory and field testing has found that efficient abrasives such as Australian Premium Garnet recycles better than Indian or Crushed Garnet (even though Indian or Crushed Garnet may be initially larger in size).