Is Your Airless Hose Blocked or Restricted?

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A Blocked Paint Line Can be a Real Hindrance when You Want Top Performance

Airless HoseWhen you are striving for top performance and that ideal spray-pattern, an incorrectly sized or restricted paint hose can cause you pressure loss, resulting in endless headaches and often rework.

It pays to do a regular check on your spray pattern to prevent future downtime, and to keep production at its peak.

  • Is your spray pattern irregular?
  • Can't achieve a nice full spray pattern?
  • Your old airless spray hose may be causing this problem.

Continued use of an airless hose can result in a reduced internal diameter (like narrowed arteries) which means your spray tip will not achieve a proper spray pattern.

This is caused by reduced pressure behind the spray tip because the hose will not let sufficient paint through!

A restricted hose can also release old paint residue from inside the hose causing hose or tip blockage, wasting your precious time and paint.

Bad Pattern
Bad Spray Pattern
Good Pattern
Good Spray pattern


What to Look For

Bad pressure causes dripping and uneven spray pattern.

How to Check Your Pressure

Next time you flush your pump, take the gun off and check that you have a nice steady stream of fluid from the hose - not just a trickle.

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