Why Use a Bulk Blasting Unit for Blasting Tank Floors?

Bulk blasting unitRather than having to stop every 45 minutes to 1 hour to reload a blast pot, a bulk blasting unit allows you to blast for several hours without having to stop and reload with abrasive.

This alone means that you immediately pick up an extra 10-20 minutes of blasting every hour. This is a 17-30% increase in blasting time every hour of every day.

When using a Mega-Blaster you also get less moisture problems. This is because you are not continually re-filling the blast pot with another new lot of moisture-laden compressed air every time you start blasting.

What's more, the bulk blasting unit can run several operators at once. With the correct valving all the blasters can operate independently of each other. To achieve this, the bulk blasting unit needs to be fitted with Thompson II™ abrasive metering valves and Hi-Flow air valves to ensure that you get maximum air flow and minimum pressure loss.

Bulk Blasting Skid Unit
Bulk Blasting Skid Unit