Before Painting Check for Surface Salt

Is Your Surface Free Of Salt?

rusted metal salt contaminationAlways check your substrate surface for salt prior to coating. The substrate should be clean and free from contaminants before any coating application is considered.

Research has proven that there is a critical need to carefully check blasted surfaces for chloride contamination before applying coatings.

The Chlor*Test Kit makes this easy, allowing you to give a quick and easy check for chloride levels PRIOR to coating. All done at the work site.

The blasting process or cross contamination can cause unacceptable levels of chloride to be present on the substrate. Just prior to coating, it is at this stage that a final check for chloride levels is absolutely necessary. Too late, too expensive and too bad if you don't!

How Does the Substrate Become Contaminated?

chloride ion testing kitThere are two main reasons why this happens. If the blasting media being used has a high concentration of chlorides, then it can be deposited or embedded on a surface or the surface is contaminated by the environment.

For instance, in a marine environment, it can be expected that it would be a commonly occurring problem. Chlor*Test chloride ion field test kit allows you to give a quick and easy check for chloride levels prior to coating.