Daily Blasting Site Safety Checklists

Perform a Daily Equipment and Risk Assessment

A daily check-list insures that employees don't neglect to check the equipment for possible faults, wear and other potential safety problems.

Sometimes when a project has a tight deadline it is possible to overlook an important scheduled maintenance check. By missing a single check or by delaying a check there is the possibility of dangers to employees and equipment. For example by missing a check and not seeing the extreme wear signs on a blasting gasket. The potential of unit failure is increased. The resulting damage to surrounding equipment and personnel when the component fails can be quite devastating.

Not only with equipment repair costs, but there will also be serious down time as employees and equipment are check. possible legal action and not to be overlooked the health effects to employees.

Regular Equipment Maintenance

Worn gasket damage The blasting contractor using the coupling shown definitely learned the hard way why daily checks are required. Once a gasket is worn, it allows air to escape, with this air comes the abrasive. Very quickly the small leak wears and erodes the coupling and then continues to blast and damage anything in its way.

The blasting pot base was blasted right through (see below). The contractor now required to repair the pressure vessel plus re-certification before it can be pressurized and used again.

pot hole example

Be wise – use the check list and keep your equipment in peak condition to ensure you are working at your maximum productivity.

Site Safety is YOUR Responsibility!

Keep your blasting job on track and safe with a 'Daily Component Checklist' and 'Risk Assessment Worksheet".

  • Avoid the costly inconvenience of site shutdowns
  • Be at the forefront of site safety
  • Reduce downtime by always having what you need.
blasting site safety checklist