Daily Start-up and Shutdown Procedure for Your Blast Pot

Save Time and and Stop Expensive Breakdowns and Maintenance

Starting up and closing down your equipment each day in the correct order is important to maintain safety and to avoid filling the blast system control valves with abrasive.

This varies depending on the valve configuration of your blast pot. The procedure shown below is correct for a Micro/Combo Valve blast pot.

shutdown check list
Quick checklist

Basically, each day you set up you must start from the compressors and work your way to the blast pot.

Before Blasting

Ensure all equipment is setup with Whip checks and Coupling Lock Pins and that they are fitted correctly.

  1. Close all valves
  2. Start compressor
  3. Open all valves (working from the compressor to the blast machine)
  4. Ensure deadman handle is working
  5. Check for visible signs of leaks
  6. Check pressure.

Shutting down your equipment each day works in reverse - start from the blast pot and work your way back to the compressor (isolating and de-pressurising as you go).

After Blasting

  1. Close inlet valve
  2. De-pressurize the pot
    1. Shut the choke valve
    2. Release dead-man handle.
  3. Empty moisture separator
  4. Turn off compressor/air supply
  5. Open inlet valve
  6. Replace lid on blast pot to prevent rain/condensation getting into the abrasive.

Ensure that all items are de-pressurized before disconnecting anything.