A Good Communication System Can Improve Safety and Efficiency

​We all know that when we are blasting ‎or painting, whether it be on a site, blasting yard or in a blast room, having a pot attendant or spotter to fill and control the machine means actual time blasting or spraying is increased. However even with this help the blaster to attendant communication process can be slow and inaccurate. This can lead to frustration and misunderstanding, slowing progress and could potentially cause a situation where someone could get hurt. A misunderstood sign could mean the blaster and the attendant are not in sync.

blasting communication problem

A good communication system which connects the blaster/sprayer and their attendant means the operator can blast continuously without any interruptions and increase his productivity by a staggering 21%!

good blasting communication

Having to bash on the wall of the tank to get your message through or just having to yell above the noise or maybe even having to shut down the blast pot, which can be very, very unsafe, are very primitive ways to work.

Communication difficulties on blasting and painting sites are nothing new. Many blasters carry a hammer in their pocket and hit it on the steel (or hit the nozzle on the steel) to pass on a message (i.e. 1 hit = more abrasive, 2 hits = less abrasive, 3 hits = turn machine off!). This is highly inaccurate and unclear means of communicating the blasters needs.

How does your blasting operator communicate while he is blasting?

Smart blasters are fitting communication systems inside their helmets so they can speak with each other, the pot tender and/or the job foreman at any time. A communication system that can be integrated into your blasting/painting helmet means workers can enjoy the comfort and safety of their equipment and have the communication benefits.

Up to six operators can be connected into a system allowing wide interaction and certainly improving safety and efficiency. With a new system your operator can tell you just a tiny bit more garnet, Sam, and I reckon we will finish this side in 10 minutes.or I can’t get out of the tank as the hatch has blown shut!

RPB Communication Helmet The RPB Nova TalkTM headset is encased in the pillow foam padding of the Nova3® so that the ultimate comfort experience which the RPB Nova3 provides is maintained. The large push-to-talk button is sealed for durability and is designed for easy activation. The Push To Talk (PTT) button can be belt-mounted or mounted to the optional chest harness. The RPB Nova TalkTM system is compatible with most radio systems.

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