How Does a Blast and Vacuum System Work?

Vacuum blasting is a cleaner way to blast

A blast and vacuum system is comprised of six main components.

  1. The Blast Pot with accurate metering valves to do the blasting work.
  2. Abrasive reclaim unit for returning abrasive back to the pot.
  3. Abrasive recycling separator to separate the dust from the abrasive.
  4. Dust Collector and Filter to prevent dust from escaping to the atmosphere
  5. Vacuum Source to suck the grit, dust and coating back to the Blast and Recovery system.
  6. The BNV Workhead where the blasting and the vacuuming meet and do their work.
T034 BRS Nozzle
Vaccum Blasting Nozzle

We generally find that blast and vacuum systems are used on the following projects:

  • Lead Paint and hazardous coating removal projects to save having to use extensive containment, dust collection and decontamination trailers etc.
  • Doing final touch up or rework to save the need to re-vacuum or clean the entire project.
  • Blasting pipes in pipe racks where total area clean up is impractical or not possible.
  • Automatic Blasting in production lines where dust is an issue.
  • Weld inspection blasting to save on clean up time.