How to Select the Correct Spray Paint Pump for Your Job

Which spray pump for which job?

spray pump selection

Mostly it’s a quick and easy decision, but occasionally a tricky job comes along, long runs of hose, need to have multiple operators, a heavier coating, etc. To help you make the decision which pump to use in these instances, we have put together a Pump Selection Guide that takes into consideration all the variables of spraying industrial coatings.

To assist in selection of the correct spray coating pump use either the online or download the Pressure Loss Calculator provided by BlastOne.

Steps when using the calculator

Step 1: Consult the paint manufacturer's technical data sheet supplied with the coating product. Request the document from the manufacturer if one was not supplied.

Step 2: Using the data sheet to find the recommended spraying pressure and also the coating pot life values.

Step 3: Decide how many guns you will be running for use in the caluclation.

Step 4: Decide how many lengths of hose you will be using.

Step 5: Decide number of swivels.

Step 6: Decide number of fittings.

Step 7: Calculate vertical rise from pump to gun.

Step 8: Add pressure loss to paint manufacturer’s recommended spraying pressure to ensure preferred pump has sufficient maximum pressure.

Step 9: Decide on power source.

Step 10: Determine litres per minute flow rate required.

Step 11: Cross reference above data with pump selection guide.

Note: Some high viscosity coatings may require heating and/or a ram pump to assist with maintaining a consistent flow.