The Hyper Blast Nozzle

The HYPER Nozzle is designed to impart more velocity to the abrasive

T010 Hyper Blast Nozzle

The cutaway diagrams below show a comparison between the HYPER nozzle and a standard nozzle. As you can see the venturi in the HYPER Nozzle is much longer than the venturi in the standard nozzle. This allows more time for the air to speed up the abrasive increasing your blasting speed and ultimately improving your production.

Hyper Nozzle
Standard Nozzle


The HYPER Nozzle has a 50mm (2" UNC) Contractor Thread and a SiNi II Grade Silicon Nitride liner for longer wear. The lightweight aluminum jacket makes the nozzle light and easy to blast with.

Blasters have reported up to a 30% increase in productivity when using this style of nozzle!