The Importance of Using an Inner Lens in a Blast Helmet?

The inner lens on a blast helmet is your last line of defense

broken blast helmetThe inner lens is the only part that is designed for safety, the outer lens and the tear-off lens are designed to protect the inner lens from abrasion but not for operator safety. With no inner lens you could be in danger.

The inner lens should be able to withstand airborne debris striking the lens. To test the Nova™ Series helmet inner lens, a ¼” ball bearing is fired at the lens at a speed of 330km per hour (200mph)! After being subjected to this test, the Nova™ Series inner crystal lens does not puncture.

Does your inner lens have this guarantee of safety?

In recent years many blasters have decided not to use an inner lens because it takes as long as 3 mins to install on most helmets. To combat this, BlastOne released the RPB Nova3 blast helmet. The Nova 3 inner lens can be changed in just 30 seconds.

Figure A: Simply unclip the lens frame and remove it from the helmet.

Figure B: Remove the old lens and replace it with a new lens.
Clip the frame back into place.


Just as importantly, the inner lens helps create a perfect seal on the helmet so no contaminants or unfiltered air can enter the blaster’s breathing space. Think of the risk a blaster is subjected to when he decides not to install an inner lens just to save time and then proceeds to blast off a lead coating.

The RPB Nova 3 Helmet has zero detectable inward leakage of contaminants. This can only be achieved when the blaster is using the inner lens.

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