Is Noise a Problem in your Operation?

blasting noise levelsThe EPA (Environmental Protection Authority) can and will impose harsh penalties for noise pollution created from your site.

Excessive noise is the largest source of complaints that the EPA handle.

In addition to pollution of neighboring areas, excessive noise is a large health and safety concern for workers.

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) has recommended that all worker exposures to noise should be controlled below a level equivalent to 85 dBA for eight hours to minimize occupational noise induced hearing loss.

(As regulations vary by state, territory, and country, you need to check the regulations and ensure you are within the legal limit.‚Äč)

noise ratings decibel regulation

The blasting process can create noise. That's not news. Therefore, it's important to select your equipment carefully, as well as take the appropriate mitigation steps to ensure worker safety and minimize environmental impact. 
The types of machinery that may require noise reduction measures on the job site include:

Dust collectors on blast rooms
Blast pots
Spray machine

Ways to Reduce Noise at Your Blasting Site

mega mufflerMufflers

You are required by law to fit mufflers to any item or machine that creates and emits noise above a specified level.

Install a muffler on your blast pot – especially a mega blaster, these often have had their exhaust valves removed.

Thompson Valve

thompson valve muffler

The Thompson II Valve produces less noise than other valves - when there are less blowdowns, there is less noise!

Exhaust Valve Muffler

exhaust valve muffler

The exhaust valve muffler is fitted to a blast pot's blowdown host and is a very effective tool for noise attenuation.

Acoustic Curtains

You could also use acoustic curtains which are sound-absorbing panels which have an acoustic foam laminate to control noise levels by up to 25dbA and are Fire Resistant. Ideally suited for noise-sensitive sites such as areas adjacent to commercial or residential sites, these acoustic curtains can be literally hung from scaffolding, portable fences, etc. They are quick to erect and remove with a 'hook and loop' connection strip to allow for any size of enclosure.

Acoustic Sheeting

Also available is a acoustic insulated sheeting consists of a special sound absorbing foam laminate. It has heavy duty eyelets allow you to use this sheeting on steel to prevent temperatures from dropping below dew point. They will also help to keep the searing heat out of your work area.

blast-helmet.jpgHelmets and Hoods

Remember to upkeep and maintain the padded cheek pads in your blasting helmet. Using new padded insurers will reduce the noise hazard for the blaster dramatically.

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