Is your old moisture trap reducing your blasting pressure?

If you are using a 3/8” (no.6) nozzle or bigger, a small moisture trap may be hindering your productivity

blast pot moisture trap
Moisture trap, old style system.

Old style moisture traps are too restrictive, when you need all the pressure you can get, to operate a larger blast nozzle.

These traps may work well when they are new, however with a fine filter element inside they very quickly become clogged with dust, oil and foreign matter. Once blocked, they become a major cause of pressure drop on your system.

You may have 100 psi coming in from your air compressor but after passing through a restrictive moisture trap, your pressure may be only 90 psi! This is a very common pressure loss problem.

high volume moisture separator
Moisture Trap New Style System

Instead, you should install a high volume moisture separator, which operates without this pressure loss problem and removes more moisture. The MS H800 (shown right), works by allowing the air to expand and drop out the water, then stainless steel coalescing pads remove this moisture from the air. Simply put, the MS H800 works very effectively. It was built for rugged site use and it doesn’t drink up your pressure.