Get a Quick Response with an Electric Deadman System

An electric deadman system can speed up the response up to 5 times for long distances.

long hose lengthelectric deadman systemThose who are using multiple lengths of blast hose can maintain a safer work environment by upgrading to a deadman handle with a more reliable response.

Some blasting jobs require the use of long runs of blast hose - because the blast pot cannot be located near the blasting area.

How can you decrease response time?

An Electric Deadman System is quicker and less susceptible to failure.

With 60 metres (130 feet) of blast hose, the response time from a pneumatic deadman handle can be quite slow. The electric system can speed up the response by up to 5 times and make the danger period to the blaster considerably less.

Why use an Electric Deadman System?

  • For instantaneous remote control operation
  • Use when pneumatic control lines exceed 30 metres (100 feet)
  • Low voltage – 12V DC for operator safety
  • Converts an existing pneumatic remote control system to a 12V DC electric control system
  • Kit “replaces” twinline and pneumatic control handle
  • Fast and simple to convert.

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