Save Time with Vacuum Loading Your Blast Pot

On some blasting projects you have to move your spent abrasive from A to B. From ships’ hulls, from inside tanks or from bridge containments; sometimes you just can’t use a wheelbarrow and shovel. The process needs to be quick and efficient.

The time you spend loading a blast pot can be back-breaking work or if you are manually loading with a forklift, you have to sling a bulk bag or small bags up over the top of your blast pot, which can use two operators and extra equipment to load the blast pot.

These projects call for an efficient vacuum system that can recover spent used abrasives and collect it at a central point ready for recycling or disposal.

vacuum loading of abrasiveBy vacuum loading the blast pot while the blasters are out having morning tea or lunch, one operator can vacuum load the blast pot without even having to leave the ground. Once the unit is installed it is a simple matter of turning a few ball valves to allow the operator to vacuum the abrasive straight out of the bulk bag, tanker truck, or straight from the floor when recycling, and load it straight into your bulk blaster.

This can result in saving you:

  1. Intensive/ back breaking labour and risk of OH&S claims.
  2. Need for extra equipment on site.
  3. Need for multiple workers to complete the manual labour.
  4. Running out of abrasive that stopping blasting.
  5. Overal project completion time.

Vacuum Loading

Vacuum loading is a safe, practical and economical way to work and is powered by compressed air. It is a worthwhile addition to any bulk blast system. No more lifting heavy bulk bags full of blast media to load your bulk blasting unit - simply fill it safely with abrasive from ground level minimizing your downtime and eliminating those tiresome waits for the crane to arrive. It will now take just seconds to switch the compressed air supply from the blasting supply over to the vacuum supply and commence loading.

Fast Recovery of Used Abrasives

The Vacuload™ systems have been specially designed for blasting sites and for handling abrasive. The series 2 and 4 models are powered by compressed air which saves you the cost of another expensive motor (when you have finished blasting simply switch your compressed air lines from your blast machines to your Vacuload™ system and you're in recovery mode).


The vacuum is generated by a specially designed, air powered Eductor pump that is inexpensive, efficient and requires very little maintenance. The larger Vacuload™ models generate vacuum using a Trilobe Positive Displacement Blower which is powered by a diesel engine or large electric motor. These units are suitable for projects where large volumes of compressed air are not available.

The Vacuload™ module is a compact skid mounted unit which combines the vacuum generating source with a high efficiency dust collector. This ensures that all dusty and contaminated air from vacuuming is filtered and only clean air exits to atmosphere.

A complete vacuum recovery system is made by combining a Vacuload™ Module and a suitably sized Interceptor Storage Unit. Even just a transfer lid with a pick up tool or hopper may suit your application.

Vacuum Accessory Options

vacuum accessory options