The Genius of the Micro Mist Filter

Having a Radex Airline Filter and Carbon Monoxide Monitor is an ideal way to protect the breathing quality of your workers.

However, our experience tells us that in cases where the compressor is old or malfunctioning and is emitting high levels of oil in the air, the oil removal cartridge in the Radex can become saturated, causing oil to pass through the filter...and is dispersed through the airlines to the lungs of the operators.

It can then travel into the monitor and corrupts the carbon monoxide sensor … delivering inaccurate readings of false positive when it should be signaling you DANGER!

What’s the solution? The Micro Mist Filter. It's simple and inexpensive.

The addition of a Micro Mist Filter, placed between the air input regulator and the air filter casing, traps any dispersed oil and keeps it from entering your filter. It prevents it from entering the lungs of your operators. And further blocks any oil from entering your alarm system and corrupting your sensors.