Using Triclover Couplings

Adding Triclover couplings to simplify the maintenance process

Triclover components
Triclover Components

With multiple systems, multiple components, and multiple connections all engaged, you can be certain of one thing: Murphy's Law will at some point rein down and cause multiple problems for you to deal with. The connection of the Thompson Valve and blast pot needn't be one of them. Not with this simple solution.

With a pot mounted Triclover coupling there are no more hassles or wasted time between the blast pot and Thompson Valve. No more removing of hoses to rotate the valve - unscrewing it from the pot. The Triclover quickly and easily open and separates, allowing you to clear an obstruction, service the Thompson Valve, or simply empty the pot of media.

The Triclover coupling replaces the fitting between the blast machine & the metering valve and the metering valve & the pusher line. Separating the two is so simple, just unscrew the wing-nut and open the Triclover coupling.

Triclovers Positioned
Triclover assembly attached to pot
Triclover Removal
Pot attachment


Advantages of the Tri-Clover:

  1. No more removing of hose clamps and rotating the valve to unscrew it from the pot.
  2. Easier access to clear obstructions from the pot.
  3. Allows you to service the metering valve quickly to reduce down time.
  4. Speeds up the process of emptying the blast machine when changing abrasives