Vacuum the Floor before Painting

Make sure to give a newly blasted surface a thorough vacuum before painting.

dirty coating after blastingSo many times we see a freshly applied coating which has been put straight over the top of some abrasive that was left on the surface. This looks unprofessional and can cause serious coating breakdown.

To avoid this annoying scenario it is important to give the newly blasted surface a thorough vacuum. This ensures the final finish is perfect and free of any contamination.

Once you have blasted the tank floor and you have had the team vacuum out the bulk of the abrasive inside the tank, it is a good idea to reduce the large vacuum hoses - 3”, 4” and 6” - down to a series of smaller 2” hoses for ease of use. Attach the vacuum cleaner wands onto the end of these 2” hoses and get the team to vacuum over the entire tank floor - be sure to vacuum every plate.

It is especially important to pay attention to the joins where the floor plates are welded together. This is where the abrasive accumulates and is more difficult to remove. It is also where the coating is more likely to fail.

Many blasters have proved the advantages of taking this little extra time and care to ensure a far better surface to paint once you come through with the coating and it really improves the quality and adhesion of the final coating finish.

blasting abrasive vacuum system