What Fittings Should You Use for a Breathing Air Hose?

Posted in Safety

Choose the best quality hose and connectors for maximum safety for your breathing hose.

These approved Breathing Air Quick Connect air fittings have the unique ‘Double Action’ which prevents accidental disconnection if the coupling gets ‘snagged’ or pulled.

Available as hose tails (male and female threads) with durable chrome plating which gives them an extra long life.

To connect, simply push the two parts of the Double Action Quick Connect Couplings together - snap locked for your protection.

To release, push the two parts towards each other, move the sleeve in the opposite direction and pull the two parts apart - easy but very effective. When the two couplings are separated, the air to the connector is closed off by the internal valve in the air supply side of the two components.

breathing air host couplings

AS 1715 and AS 1716 require you to use hose joiners or couplings that will not come apart if the joiner is caught or snagged. Double Action Quick Connect Couplings comply with this Standard.

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