What Size Bull Air Supply Hose Should You Actually Use?

The correct size air supply bull hose is critical to keeping the overall cost of blasting as low as possible

Undersized air supply hose to the blast hopper results in friction loss. A loss of 1 psi results in a 1½% reduction in production rate. For example a loss of 10 psi means a loss of 15% of production.

Many of our customers over the years have taken our advice, and upgraded their bull hose from a 1” jackhammer hose to a 2” bull hose and experienced a 30-45% increase in their speed of blasting. That allows you to have Thursdays and Fridays off.

Think Big with your Air Supply Hose

Having a large unrestricted hose increases your efficiency. The hose size depends on the size nozzle you are running determines minimum air supply hose size to be 1 1/2", for a single blast nozzle or 2" when using either a 1/2" and larger nozzle or multiple nozzles.

The illustration demonstrates how the common practice of running two 1" (25.5mm) hoses does not provide the same cross-sectional area as one 2" (50mm) hose.

Common configuration issue
Common fitting the right size