Why Use a Compressed Air Dryer?

Blasting with Dry Air can Increase your Blasting Efficiency by as much as 15%

Moisture is the number one enemy of any blasting contractor. We should not under estimate the benefits of using cool, dry air for blasting. It is true that many blasters who use AirPrep moisture removal systems find that cool, dry, compressed air actually allows them to blast up to 15% faster! Yes — that means more than one hour extra blasting each eight hour day, free!

Air Preparation Unit

How Can You Increase your Profits by Using Dry Air?

The air all around us contains water vapor - this changes by the day. When there is a lot of water vapor in the air it can cause problems for the blaster. Your air compressor draws in this air (and water vapor) and compresses it to 100psi. The compressor takes in 8 cu ft of free air to make 1 cu ft of compressed air. This, of course, means that you've got 8 times more moisture in that newly compressed air. Moist air is heavier and can waste a lot of your available energy in carrying this moisture through your system.

An efficient blasting operation needs all the energy it can get to propel the abrasive to the surface being blasted! That's why specialist operators claim that clean, dry air does blast 15% faster than moist air. So you too can blast faster and increase your profits by simply drying your compressed air!

Other advantages of using dry air.

  1. Compressors generate heat through the compression process and because the air is hot more moisture can stay suspended as vapor in it. This air cools down as it travels through your blast machine and into your blast hoses. As it cools and the vapor condenses into water it can cause you problems. We all know that water in abrasive will cause the abrasive to clog and prevent it from flowing easily. Wet abrasive requires you to 'choke' the pot to unblock the lines. This wastes valuable time.
  2. Cool, dry air keeps your abrasive flowing and easy to control. Adding an AirPrepTM system and removing moisture means you almost never need to choke your blast machine to unblock the system again. By drying the air and by setting up the abrasive metering valve to perfection, many blasters find they use 25% less abrasive. This in turn means that you are only cleaning up and disposing of 25% LESS abrasive waste. Another great saving!
  3. If you run pneumatic equipment such as Graco spray pumps on clean dry air the machines are much less likely to have icing up problems. They require a lot less maintenance and last longer.
  4. Once you are removing the moisture you won't get that black moisture shadow that follows your nozzle as you blast and causes the surface to flash rust.
  5. Dry air will also prevent quality issues which result from water droplets on your freshly blasted steel surface or newly painted surface.

Compressed air is costly. Fuel, repairs, regular maintenance on compressors is a large expense for specialist blasters. An AirPrep™ system makes the most of your air investment by making the air work more efficiently.

With the correctly sized compressed air dryer you can achieve less than two psi pressure loss across the whole system and that means you can blast with high productivity without a high pressure drop across the radiator.