Wind Up Your Blasting Pressure

An increase in pressure can make a big difference in effective blasting

blasting speed pressureWhile a decrease in pressure can make a significant difference to blasting effectively, an increase in pressure can also make a big difference.

If you take the standard time-tested level of 100psi blasting and increase it to 125psi.

What will it do for your blasting speed?

You may increase productivity by as much as 38%!

But what does 38% actually mean? It means you can blast a lot more in 4 days than you used to do in 5 days. Or it's like having a second blaster working with you 2 days a week for FREE! And that of course means you can make a lot more profit!

Important safety note

Before increasing the pressure in your blasting system, ensure all equipment - compressor, blast pot, hoses and fittings are pressure rated to the working pressure required. Operators may need additional training to move the nozzle faster and hold the hose in such a way to minimize back thrust effect.