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Retrofit your old blast machine into a profit earner

Ever wondered if your crew can produce more – with less?

Did you know the standard “pressure blow down” blast machine will waste up to 1/4 pound (250 grams) of abrasive – every time you activate the remote control?

This occurs when the pressure in the blast machine forces the abrasive into the hose – with no air power for the hose!

That’s right – when you activate the remote control, the air in the blast hose will EXHAUST faster than the air in the blast pot.

So following the “PATH OF LEAST RESISTANCE”, your valuable abrasive is FORCED into the blast hose due to the pot pressure relief.

Replace your old valve system with a “PRESSURE HOLD” valve system to save up to 10% of your abrasive per 6 hour shift. (1/4 pound (250 grams) wasted x 12 remote activations per hour x 6 hour day = 40 pounds (18 kgs) saved)

Call BlastOne now to get a free quote and ROI calculation – and get back to work faster, cleaner and more PROFITABLY than ever before!

Call us to discuss the set up you have been using – we will recommend the right solution – and provide you with a ROI (return on investment) guide so you can really see how your PRODUCTION PROFIT will scale up!


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