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Simple Blasting Inefficiency Check


The next time you walk your jobsite, take a close look at your blasting operators… are any of them blasting with one hand?

One-handed blasting is a flashing, bright red, warning sign of inefficiency! Any operator using a standard #6 (or larger) nozzle – which covers the vast majority of all industrial blasting – should not be able to one-hand the work. If they can, it’s a sure sign the pressure is way too low. The recommended 100 psi nozzle pressure creates too much thrust for a standard operator to be able to control their blasting with a single hand. If they are – your project is wasting abrasive and time – which will cost you in abrasive, labor, and clean-up costs.

You can easily test your pressure by using a BlastOne Nozzle Pressure Test Kit. Anything below 100 PSI coming out of the nozzle is going to cost you profits.

Should you have any jobsite issues involving pressure or inefficiencies – contact your BlastOne Rep and let us help you fix things.

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