Spray Pump Machine Equipment Buying Guide

Airless Spray Pumps, Plural and Fast Set Sprayers

With over 40 years of experience in sales and service of spray pumps and spraying equipment, BlastOne has seen a lot of different types of equipment. We trust this article helps you to understand what type of equipment we recommend for your application. BlastOne is one of the leading distributors of Graco Spray Equipment in America, Australia, Malaysia, and New Zealand.

BlastOne is America’s undisputed industry expert, we understand painting equipment and provide unparallel support from our teams in branch offices across all major centers in Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and the United States.

Finding the right sprayer for your application? We have it…

From the smallest to the largest spray machines, BlastOne has the largest range of spray pumps in-stock and available for sale or for rent throughout various locations across the United States.

Graco King Extreme Spray Pumps – Most Popular

king 70 180 graco paint spray pump equipment sale near me hire

The Graco King Sprayer is the latest technology in airless sprayers. These airless sprayers are used by industrial painting contractors because of their ability to reliably spray a lot of paint. Previous units were called the bulldog, king, NXT and Extreme Pumps. The king has many new features including de-icing modes that make a big different for painting contractors.

  • Pneumatic Air Driven motor
  • De-icing functionality
  • XL Motor with more power
  • Uses Xtreme and MaxLife Lowers

Most common King sprayer sizes

  • GM K60MH2 – 6,000 psi – spray 12.9 litres/minute
  • GM K70MH2 – 7,250 psi – spray 11 litres/minute

Available for sale or rent throughout various USA locations


  • Spraying Coatings with over 30 minute pot life
  • Spraying with Multiple guns
  • Spraying with multiple hoses
  • Highly portable
  • Contractors Choice

Graco Merkur Fine Finish Pumps – Airless or Air Assisted

merkur spray paint pump for sale hire suppliers distributors

The Merkur Pump is used by painting contractors who want a good flow of paint for high productivity but need a better finish. This is often used in paint shops to apply top coats for more public/visible areas.

  • Low pulsation output
  • Better finish with consistent pattern and film

Most common Merkur sprayer sizes

  • GM 16U920 – 4,800 psi – spray 4.5 litres /minute
  • GM 16U918 – 7,250 psi – spray 3 litres /minute


  • Fine Finish industrial top coats
  • Spraying Coatings with over 30 minute pot life
  • Spraying with Multiple guns
  • Spraying with multiple hoses
  • Highly portable

Graco UltraMax Airless Spray Pumps

portable airless sprayers

The UltraMax Sprayer is most commonly used by domestic and commercial painting contractors. This pump is preferred by these contractors because it is very durable, portable and gives them a very high performance.

  • Quick knockdown ‘Endurance Pump’
  • Digital display with volume sprayed tracking
  • Built-in filter
  • Available as Air-Driven, Petrol or Electric
  • 3300 psi


  • Domestic and commercial painting
  • Spraying Coatings with over 30 minute pot life

Graco Warrior Conventional Spray Pump – Best replacement for a Pressure Pot

warrior gmspmwcmp conventional spray pump Triton Cart mount

The Warrior is the industry preferred sprayer to replace conventional air-spray pressure pots. The Warrior is air-driven 1:1 diaphragm dual-acting pump which is ideal for spraying most primer coats. When mounted with an air-powered agitator, zinc will stay mixed in the coating.

Uses air spray technology to atomize the coating

  • 100 psi max fluid pressure
  • Fluid recirculation valve
  • 6 litre/minute max flow rate
  • Available as Cart mount (Most Popular), pail mount, stand mount or wall mount.

Available for sale or rent throughout various USA locations


  • Air Spray / Conventional Sprayers
  • Zinc primers
  • Pressure Pot replacement

Graco XP Plural Component Spray Pumps – Fixed Ratio

spray pump machine equipment sale hire graco xp70

The Graco XP Sprayer is designed to help contractors to spray plural component coatings with ease. It removes the need to ‘hot-potting’ where the painter has to mix the 2 components together before introducing to the pump. This hot-potting on the fly allows contractors to spray coatings that have only a 3 minute pot life, keeping each component of the coating separate until it reaches the spray hose. Built for continuous high production use, contractors swear by their money-saving features.

  • Uses Xtreme Lowers
  • Pneumatic Air Driven motor
  • De-icing functionality

Available for sale or rent throughout various USA locations


  • Plural Component coatings with 3+ minute pot life
  • Multiple Spray operators
  • Paint Booth or On jobsite applicable
  • Can be used with remote mix manifold

Graco XM Plural Component Sprayer – Variable Ratio

spray pump machine equipment buying guide xm 2k spray systems

The Graco XM is the efficient plural component sprayer on the market with a variable dial to change the ratio on the fly. This system has an automated ratio check function where the pump will stop if it detects you are starting to spray off ratio, giving asset owners and painting contractors peace of mind.

The 2 parts of the paint will stay separate until they are combined in the remote mix manifold and in the paint hose, this is the ideal scenario when you are spraying coatings with a pot life of under 3 minutes.

  • Works with feed pumps from drums
  • Uses Xtreme Lowers
  • Pneumatic Air Driven motor
  • De-icing functionality
  • Has separate solvent flush pumps to speed cleanup
  • Has heated tanks and line heaters.


  • Plural Component coatings with 3+ minute pot life
  • Multiple Spray operators
  • Paint Booth or on jobsite applicable
  • Used with remote mix manifold

Graco Reactor Plural Component Sprayer – Fast Set

paint sprayer reactor equipment

Spraying fast set coatings, you only have 2 seconds once the coating is mixed to when it cures. This means you need to mix the coating, in the tip of the gun. Coatings like polybrid, foam and other fast set coatings usually use a Graco Reactor for easy spraying. These coatings are typically applied thick

  • 2000-3500 psi
  • Electric Operation
  • Plural Fast Set coatings
  • Mixes in the gun tip


  • Multiple Operators
  • Foam and Quick set coatings

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Common Painting Package Accessories

What else do you need to buy when you buy an airless sprayer

Spray Hose

ultra airless spray hose

Spray hose is a critical component to get right when buying a spray pump. From a safety aspect, the most critical component is to get hose that is rated to the same pressure rating as your pump output. Second consideration is what size you need, spray hose drastically effects the pressure that reaches the spray tip.

Spray Guns

Graco XTR 7 Airless Spray Gun

We have a large choice of spray guns, and most new machines come with the gun ideal for use with that sprayer. View our complete range of spray guns or to buy replacement spray tips

Painting Accessories

spray paint guy cleaning kits

We have created a bundled accessories kit that gives you everything you need when you first start painting.
Essential tools and spares for use and maintenance of spray equipment

Standard Kit includes:

  • Shifters and Spanners
  • Stilson/Pipe Wrench
  • Screwdrivers
  • Snap-Blade Knife
  • Markers
  • Gun-Cleaning Brushes
  • Angled Paint Brushes
  • Disposable Overalls
  • Spray Hoods
  • Solvent Gloves
  • Wet Film Combs
  • Pump Filters
  • Gun Filters
  • Spray Gun
  • Air Drill
  • Paint Mixer
  • Tips
  • Tip Holder
  • Many sizes and types of Airless Hose Joiners
  • Tool Box

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