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Understanding Surface Profile vs Class of Blast

Surface Profile and Class of Blast are sometimes confused for one another

When asking customers, “What Surface Profile do you need?” they sometimes reply with “A near white finish.” 

We thought it might be a good idea to create some simple phonetic anchors to help anyone remember the difference between the two.

P (for Profile) =  Peak Height or Anchor Pattern.
C (for Class of Blast) = Cleanliness, Contaminant, Color.

Both will often be designated for high spec projects. The spec will determine how many microns (or mils) of Surface Profile are required, as well as the Class of Blast standard necessary to satisfy the project requirements.

BlastOne also offers some free tools to help contractors identify what Class of Blast you’re dealing with.  Please contact a sales rep to enquire or request the following:

  1. The BlastOne Surface Preparation Guide. This is a pocket-sized booklet easily carried about on jobsites that allows you compare quality photos against the backdrop of your work project. By comparing the visuals, including color, you can effectively determine what Class of Blast you’re dealing with.
  2. The Surface Preparation Guide Wall Chart.  Can easily be hung on the side of a tank or inside a blast room.  Like the pocket-guide, you can compare photos to determine Class of Blast standards.

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