Industrial Dust Collectors

What Size Dust Collector Do You Need?

Understanding how to choose the right size dust collector for your facility

 However, SIZE is only 25% of the Solution!

Most facility Managers believe the size of the dust collector (CFM - cubic feet per minute) is the most important criteria in reducing dust.  Although size is important, it is not the most critical variable.  PLACEMENT is actually just as important if not more important than size.

It is quite possible to spend a great sum of money on a large dust collector, only to have it be inefficent due to its placement and the placement of the intake plenums.  

BlastOne has over 40+ years experience in the engineering, design, and installation of Paint Booths and Blast Rooms.  We are experts at determining size and configuration to maximize effectiveness.  Blaster Safety and your profitability are hinged upon the clarity of the blast environment.  Don't buy a dust collector without having our expertise guide you through the process.

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Case Study

Chicago Bridge & Iron
El Dorado, Arkansas - USA

Pipe Fabricator Converts Extreme Safety Liability To Thriving Blasting Hub


CB&I’s blast booths were in a state of disrepair that proved problematic to worker safety and production. The doors to the blast booths didn’t operate properly and their exhaust system was choking the airflow, putting enormous strain on their dust collector equipment.


CB&I wanted to find a way to strategically upgrade their existing facilities to address safety concerns and regulations, improve air ventilation, and increase production—without having to tear down and completely replace their existing booths.


BlastOne designed and implemented a plan to upgrade CB&I’s current facilities in a way that would comply with safety standards, improve working conditions, and increase the facilities’ durability.

The upgrades to the facilities included:

  • Newly installed doors to keep blasting environment isolated.
  • Exhaust plenums designed to increase airflow in the booth.
  • Reduced debris collection in light fixtures to improve visibility.



CB&I is extremely pleased by the results of the project. The upgrade saved them over $500,000 by not having to completely replace their blast booths.

Their dust collection improvement changed the visibility in the booth. The upgrades solved their safety concerns and produced a significant boost to blasting throughput.