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BlastOne® supplies quality abrasives for Sand Blasting, Surface Preparation and Corrosion Control in many different industries including Oil & Gas, Mining, Structural Steel Fabrication, Water Infrastructure, Marine and Bridge Refurbishment work.

As a global supplier of abrasives, BlastOne is able to provide all EPA legal materials used in commercial blasting surface prep.  The most popular and safe abrasives for “sand blasting” include steel shot,  steel grit, and Australian garnet — with these products available in various mesh sizes and drum capacities.

Call ( USA 800-999-1881 ) ( AU 1800 190 190 ) (NZ 0800 100 493 ) and speak with an expert today!

High Quality Abrasives are essential for surface preparation — "Your finished coating will only be as good as the Surface Preparation". Contamination in your abrasive will contaminate your surface as you blast - this means that any contamination in your abrasive could be detrimental to the quality of the coating.

When it comes to selecting the best abrasive for your application, BlastOne's team of technical engineers will help you analyze your requirements, including production and budgetary constraints. You will be amazed how the right choice of abrasive for a particular application can dramatically affect your bottom line on the project.
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