Steel Shot Abrasive

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All Steel Shot Abrasive

BlastOne’s regular shaped, sized and weighted steel shot will give excellent results over and over again.  Our competitor’s highly irregular shaped, sized, and weighted steel shot will produce poor result taking a longer time and diminishing profitability.

Particle size: 0.42mm -0.71mm

- Steel shot blast media is a general-purpose abrasive well suited to shot peening applications
- Wheel machines
- Ship manufacturing and maintenance
- Railcar manufacturing and maintenance 

- Steel shot's round shape offers a uniform structure and provides optimum impact resilience
- Leaves a uniform surface profile
- High resistance to impact fatigue
- High bulk density
- Low friability
- Low dust levels - improves safety and visibility conditions for blasters and helps optimize speed and productivity
- High recyclability - Carbon Steel Shot does not completely shatter when it hits a surface and can therefore be recycled hundreds of times


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