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On some blasting projects you have to move your spent abrasive from A . . . all the way over to . . . B. From ships hulls, or from inside tanks or from bridge containments, sometimes you just can't use a wheelbarrow and shovel. These projects call for an efficient vacuum system that can suck up spent used abrasives and collect it at a central point ready for recycling or disposal. Abrasive vacuum systems have been specially designed for blasting sites and for handling abrasive.

How do the Vacuload™ Recovery Systems work?

All Vacuload™ System models work using the same operating principle. The operator sucks up spent abrasive and the abrasive and air mixture travels along the vacuum hose or pipe to the Interceptor Storage Module.

The Interceptor slows the air/abrasive mixture down such that all particles and heavy dusts drop out of the air stream and are stored for recycling or disposal. Light dusts remain entrained in the air stream and are carried along a hose to the Vacuload Module.

At the Vacuload Module all dusts are removed by final filtration cartridges in the dust collector (the cake of dust which builds up on the cartridges is dislodged by an automatic reverse pulse and is collected in a hopper awaiting disposal). Clean air carries on through to the vacuum pump from which it is discharged to atmosphere.

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