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Abrasive Blasting Recovery Units are a critical component to the success of any commercial painting contractor involved in the corrosion control industry.  Whether the outdoor project involves bridges, storage tanks (water/ oil & gas), railcar, shipyards, wind towers, penstocks or pipelines - BlastOne has a recovery solution for your jobsite.

There are two major economic advantages for contractors who use a BlastOne recovery unit:  Namely the recycling of abrasive media as well as the containment and disposal for site clean-up.  Recycling blast media  allows the contractor to reduce the media consumption and therefore reduces the purchase of new abrasive to complete the job.  With regard to clean-up, not only is the spent abrasive collected (for re-use) - but dust and contaminants are also contained and prevented from littering the surrounding job site.  This not only makes for much easier clean up of the surrounding environment, it also produces a safer work environment both visually and respiratorally for the blasting and painting crews.

BlastOne offers a variety of abrasive blasting recovery units including diesel and electric vacuuming systems.  If dust extraction and containment is a high priority, or your goal is simply abrasive recovery - you’ll find our line of heavy duty, purpose designed Vacuload units both affordable and simple to operate.

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