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To Use Your Abrasive Over And Over Again...

Blast Room Recycling Systems give you the ability to use your Abrasive over and over again for maximum cost savings. Abrasive consumption as low as 0.1lb Garnet per ft2 have been reported by very satisfied customers with recycling. Recycling allows for greatly reduced abrasive purchases as well as reduced transport, handling, and disposal costs.

The Recycling System can be accurately adjusted to achieve the optimum particle size balance for any particular blasting requirement. Recycling is done in a dry process, so it is critical to have a weather proof enclosure for your blastroom.
BlastOne  Recycling Systems are designed for use in High Production Blast Rooms. Incorporating a Rotary Trash screen and a Triple Airwash provide efficient cleaning and reprocessing of used Abrasive for immediate re-use. All trash such as cigarette butts, broken glass, paint flakes, welding rods, stones etc. are removed from the used Abrasive. In addition the system will remove broken Abrasive grains (fines) and dust particles from the used material.

BlastOne offers both partial and full floor recovery systems.
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