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Corrosion control blasting in an environment where climatic conditions and relative humidity are high, creates a compromising situation for professional contractors.  Removing rust while unintentionally and simultaneously introducing moisture to the steel surface results in a contaminated, less than optimal profile - which is susceptible to corrosion (flash rust) before the preventative coating is even applied.  To mediate this situation, BlastOne recommends using an air dehumidification system to control the climate.

Controlling the Relative Humidity (RH) percentage below 50% while blasting can effectively maintain the integrity of an uncoated surface for days or sometimes weeks.

BlastOne dehumidifiers also operate on liquid propane gas (LPG) which eliminates the need for a large diesel generator on the job site.

To learn more and discover which size (CFM) system is right for your project, contact our customer support and sales teams.  With over 40 years experience as a supplier, distributor, and manufacturer in the corrosion control industry, BlastOne’s trifecta of superior equipment, superior abrasives and superior know-how is the right choice to ensure your company delivers on time, every time.
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