750cfm Squat Moisture Removal System

Part no. ACS750SQUAT

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The BlastOne ACS-Squat is a compact moisture removal system. If you have a tight space you need to fit an air drier into, this is a great solution.

Why use an Air Dryer?
Moisture in compressed air is a common nightmare that blasters are all too familiar with – blockages, choking, flash rusting etc. By using quality moisture removal equipment you will help improve your blasting efficiency!  

  • 750 cfm capacity
  • Stainless Steel Coalescent Filter, does not use deliquescent tablets
  • Large-ported radiator for maximum flow and cooling
  • Fully welded radiator with aluminum ends and core to; Resist corrosion & corrosion blockage, and Maximize air to air heat exchange
  • Quality GAST air motor for fan drive with built in lubricator for air motor 
  • Heavy duty skid mount with forklift slots & radiator protection 
  • 2 coat corrosion resistant coating system
  • Made & Approved to ASME Standards
  • Rated to 150 psi